Beach Volleyball Serving Tips – Secrets on How to Attack With Your Overhand Serve, Part 1



Beach Volleyball Serving Tips – Secrets on How to Attack With Your Overhand Serve, Part 1

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To start the rally of a game many beginners and recreational volleyball players tend to serve the ball over the net, directly to one of the other members of the opposing team making it an easy serve to start the rally. Surprisingly many serious amateur players will also serve the ball just to get it over the net in a way that makes it easy for the opposing team to counterattack and make a point.

What professional beach players have learned is that its very important to take advantage of the fact that when a player goes back to serve, that is the only time they have total and complete control of the game. It’s in that moment that they can make a real difference for their team by scoring a direct point with their ball by “attacking with their serve.”

By attacking with the serve your goal is to keep the opposite team off balance and guessing about what you are going to do next and most importantly force one of the opposing players to pass or serve receive outside of their comfort zone which is usually their starting serve receive position in the middle of the court. A server wants to make the passers move around the court in order to serve receive a ball and they aren’t going to do this by serving an easy ball right into a passers arms. A very effective way to attack with your serve is to serve deep into the corners of the opposite court.

By serving the deep corners a player must back up into the court or turn his body and shoulders from the net and ‘go chase” the ball which puts them in the vulnerable position of being further way from the net and makes it harder to set up in an ideal attacking situation. The player is forced to pass the ball from a longer distance all the way up to the net, to their teammate who now has to make adjustments to their setting position. So not only is the player passing the ball from further away from the net, but they also need to cover more court in order to get back into the “perfect” position to start their spike approach.

The shortest distance between to points is a straight line and no where is this more evident than when a player stands behind the middle of their baseline and serves the ball straight down the middle of the court to the deep middle of the opposing baseline, between the two opposing players. With a ball that’s coming hard and fast between two players, the teammates have to communicate and quickly decide who is going to move to take that deep ball down the middle and who is going to set. This serve is called the “husband and wife’ serve because the two players end up fighting over the ball which often falls as an ace serve between the two of them.

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